Keeping Cool with Homemade Cookies and Cream

Hamilton Handy

Now commence the days of oppressive heat, which will linger on until, oh say, November. In the coming months, “Miami Dish Loves…” will feature refreshments and restoratives for the stultifying summer. I have my David Lebovitz The Perfect Scoop at the ready to transform luscious summer fruit into sherbets and granitas. This foray into icy desserts will be new territory for me.

For now I have the custardy frozen goodness of homemade cookies and cream ice cream. Hamilton Handy’s dream dessert is all hand-crafted, starting with the cookies. These are not the typical cardboard wafer crumbs. Handy bakes moist and chewy chocolate chip cookies which he generously embeds throughout a creamy base of hand-churned ice cream. Handy churns the cream, sugar, and rock salt himself. You must enjoy quickly because on days like this, it melts almost the instant it leaves the container.

Handy also purveys cookies, including chocolate chunk, lemon bars and oatmeal chocolate chip. Enjoy this fine handiwork at the Upper Eastside Green Market, which happily will continue throughout the year.


9 am to 3 pm Saturdays at the Upper Eastside Farmers’ Market at Legion Park, Biscayne and 66th Street

The first and third weekends of the month at an Aventura Mall Kiosk, 19501 Biscayne Boulevard

Update: A small ice cream, which is about 8 oz or two large scoops, costs $5. A large ice cream(about 10 oz.) is $6.

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