In Season: Mint


Mojitos are synonymous with Miami, but I never thought about whether the mint grew in South Florida. I also never imagined it thriving in the Florida heat but I picked up some in my summer fruit bounty from a few weeks ago. Sawmill Farm grew the mint in my bunch. This farm in the Redlands will sell directly to individuals. Just call Holly @ 305-252-2357, leave a message and she will get back to you. In addition to mint, they also grow other herbs like rosemary and oregano. Holly from Sawmill Farm says she will be planting a winter vegetable garden.

Canteloupe and Bocconcini Salad with Mint

Besides using it for mojitos, I used the mint in a savory dish. I cut tiny ribbons to put in a canteloupe with bocconcini with mint salad; the recipe was from Everyday Food. It was refreshing and perfect for the sweltering heat. It should be eaten within 24 hours or so; otherwise the melon and mozzarella seep, making for a less attractive salad.

I also made a summer relish which I really was proud of.

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