Video Bite: Kalamansi Water

Kalamansi Water

John DiRocco made refreshing kalamansi water, akin to lemonade. He grows the plant in his yard; it was a gift from his in-laws.  The kalamansi, also known as the calamondin, is popular in the Philippines.  It has an acidic citrus taste, like a cross between an orange and a lime.  John says he has seen the plant for sale in Miami.  In this narrated slide show, John demonstrates how to make the drink.

At the Farm to Table dinner, we also enjoyed tropical fruit wines from Schnebly Redland’s Winery. We served chilled lychee wine throughout the meal.


This is my favorite of the Schnebly wines, and it is perfect on a hot summer night. It is sweet but not cloying.  Category 3 Hurricane blend is a sweet, red mixture of carambola or starfruit, lychee, and guava. We also served passion fruit wine, which was tangy and sugary. Our guests enjoyed all of the wine and I am curious to know which one was their favorite.

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