Food Events: Slow Food Dinner features Navajo-Churro Lamb

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* * * Bayside Grill at the Standard Hotel * * *

If you enjoy lamb or Mediterranean cuisine, Wednesday night’s Slow Food dinner is for you. Chef Mark Zeitouni of the Lido at the Standard Hotel presides over this menu, which will prominently feature the Navajo-Churro lamb.

Slow Food USA promotes and features rare varieties of produce and livestock around the country. Consider the Navajo-Churro an “heirloom” breed, if you will. This sheep was brought to the United States by the Spanish in the 16th century, and it became an important part of Navajo farm life and culture. There’s nothing local about it, but I admire Slow Food’s efforts, through their Ark of Taste, to preserve these traditional but threatened foods.  The irony is that by eating (or buying products with) more of these threatened varieties, people can help support their continued existence.

Chef Zeitouni will prepare the lamb according to “the slow cooking style of the Mediterranean kitchen.”  I am eager to learn more about that. I’m also intrigued by a menu that will hopefully be diverse in flavor, despite the consistent ingredient.

Even though this is a members’ dinner, all are invited to attend and preview what Slow Food Miami has to offer in the coming year.

The Standard invites diners to take a sunset swim or use the hamam spa before the event; lockers and showers will be provided.

The menu:

Mezze platter
Quinoa pilaf with dried apricot, cherries and fresh parsley
Short grain brown rice with roasted pepper and almonds
Garbanzo bean stew
Turkish lamb curry
Grilled lamb kebob
Shepherd’s soup
Fennel-dusted roasted lamb loin
Marinated dates


Turkish Delight
Hard cookies with vanilla honey glaze
Sorrel drink (hibiscus flowers)

Where: Bayside Grill at the Standard Hotel, 40 Island Avenue (Venetian Causeway), Miami Beach

When: Wednesday, October 22, 2008. Spa and pool available from 4 pm to 9pm. Reception at 6:30 pm on the deck. Dinner is from 7pm to 9pm.

How much: $45 per person, all inclusive. Tickets must be pre-purchased here.

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  1. Victora M Elmer
    November 15, 2010 at 3:05 pm #

    Dear Mark: I happened upon an advertisement for your restaurant on a flight from Mpls-Miami-GrandCayman for a scuba vacation. Anyway, I was wondering if you would consider sharing the recipe for the lovely red quinoa dish featured in the November 2010 magazine page 170? I am a physician/gourmet cook wanna be and love entertaining/trying new recipes for my family/friends. Thanks in advance for consideration of my request.
    Torre Elmer

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