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“A couple chatting after ordering stone crabs and other dishes” in the Keys, 1963./ Francis P. Johnson (via Florida State Archives)

Since everything seems to be “curated” nowadays, here’s my curated list of food events for this week.   Please holler back  if I left out something from your “must-do” list this week.

Stone crab season starts Saturday

It’s stone crab season again! Here’s hoping you didn’t fall for that Google Offers “kick off” stone crab dinner at Joe’s Stone Crab.  Food for Thought sussed that one out:

“In other words, Joe’s Stone Crab just convinced 400 people to pay $70 for last season’s stone crabs. There’s a reason they’ve been in business 99 years.”

Phuc Yea, it’s a pop up!

I hope pop up restaurants are the new trend in Miami, especially if they’re as promising as this one.  Pop ups are temporary restaurants, often in unlikely places.  Phuc Yea! is brought to us by the folks who helped start up Blue Piano (Aniece Meinhold and Cesar Zapata), along with NYC transplant Daniel Treiman.

Now they’ve moved on to a lobby with fluorescent lights in an unmarked building downtown.  Once you crunch on the crispy pig ear salad or the soft shell crab, you’ll get it.

The weekly menu is their interpretation of Vietnamese cuisine. They’re now serving wine and beer.  Don’t wait too long as Phuc Yea! is only around until December 8.   Reservations are a must.

Crispy pig ear salad at Phuc Yea!/ Courtesy of Phuc Yea!

Yes, it’s still 84 degrees out, but let’s pretend it’s fall

There’s a hoedown and chili cook-off this Saturday (10/15)!  My parents used to take us to fall flea markets, craft fairs and carnivals, so an event like this hits the nostalgia nerve.  It was probably just as hot back then.  But the way I remember it, my brother and I  raced to the giant slide or clawed through a box of used board games (Candyland and Othello were always for sale) clad in tightly drawn red and blue hoodies.

There are no carnival rides advertised for this event but there will be a cowgirl/cowboy contest and some line dancing. Your chili options include a chili contest, chili tasting and full chili meal. If your friends are too upscale for this kind of event, let them know there will be a silent auction too.  When they scowl at the chili, tell them not to overthink it.

The hoedown and chili cook-off are Saturday from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Cutler Ridge United Methodist Church.  Adults pay $8.  Kids 3 to 11 pay $4.

Get your chicken dance on at Oktoberfest

Another memory of my youth:  I  won a golden trophy at an Oktoberfest chicken dance contest.  That one really happened just that way…

A couple of weeks ago, I highlighted Pubbelly’s gourmet Porktoberfest menu.  This Oktoberfest is the sausage and potatoes, beer, carnival rides and German dancing version.  You might not get the classy spaetzle they served up at Pubbelly, but I predict this is where you might see actual German Americans congregating.  Festivities run this weekend and next at the German American Social Club in Kendall.  More information on their website.

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