New Project: Sound Bite

I just wanted to take a moment to introduce my new online project.  It’s where you can listen to the food radio stories longtime journalist Nancy Ancrum and I produce.   You can also see pictures and videos related to the stories.  It’s a sort of portfolio for our radio work.  That’s not all.

I hope that Sound Bite will be a notebook, a workshop and a conversation about food in South Florida.  It’s where Nancy and I will share collected scraps, sights and sounds as we work on new projects.  It’s also where we invite you to help us answer the question, “What does South Florida taste like?” and to share your thoughts, ideas and photos.   This part is most important me.  If there’s anything I’ve learned while blogging and reporting, it’s that a story is never static and that people want to be a part of the telling of their own stories,  rather than deferring to an “expert” voice– not that I’ve ever claimed to be an expert!

Sound Bite will be more focused on themes throughout time than Miami Dish as we work through various projects.  However, Miami Dish continues! I’ve been busy getting into the rhythm of my new freelance life (a much anticipated move that I recently made) and I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of it.  Look for some cool new videos very soon. Thanks for all of your support, comments and stories!


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