Miami Drink: Make a Pimm’s Cup Cocktail

The Pimm’s Cup became one of my favorite cocktails after I first tasted one at the waterfront Lido Bar at The Standard Miami Beach. It was tangy, vaguely botanical, and full of bright fruit slices–like an English version of sangria.

Afterwards,  I would request the classic cocktail at The Standard and other spots, and I was often disappointed  when bartenders told me they didn’t have any Pimm’s Cup No. 1, an old English liqueur. This was years ago, before classic spirits like Luxardo Maraschino and Pimm’s started reclaiming their space on Miami bar shelves.

So, I was thrilled when Miami Drink writer Chuck Ferrin showed me how to make one at home. Pimm’s Cup No. 1 is relatively easy to find in most liquor stores, and making the cocktail is as effortless as a lazy Sunday afternoon.

To make a few Pimm’s Cups, you’ll need:

Pimm’s Cup No.1


Hulled strawberries

Lemon slices

Orange slices

Cucumber slices

Ginger ale (You can also use 7-Up or Sprite, but ginger ale is so much more British.)

Mint sprigs

A Collins glass

A bar spoon (try a chopstick or long spoon as an alternative)

A strawberry huller or paring knife

This is a perfect, unfussy drink for showcasing the fruits of our growing season, especially the gorgeous Florida strawberries we get to savor in winter.

The makings of a Pimm’s Cup cocktail (Photo by David Samayoa)

So more than a a year after we first filmed it, I present our first Video Bite from the Miami Drink series. In 2011 (yes, 2011), Miami Drink writer Chuck Ferrin, my friend Brad Bryan (a videographer), and my secret weapon, David Samayoa, decided to have some fun making more Miami Dish videos (see our older Video Bites). Between this and that (mostly me getting busy with other projects), it took more than a year to get the video posted on Miami Dish.

This is also the first Video Bite I actually appear in. With the hindsight of time, the perfectionist in me sees things I could have fixed (Like: Why do I look so startled when asked to open the case of cocktail tools? + our sad little sprig of mint). But this recipe is just too awesome to not share with you and  I always learn something cool about wine and spirits from Chuck. Enjoy!

Chuck Ferrin used Difford’s Guide #8 for the Pimm’s Cup recipe.

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