Cool Beans! Make a Snack of Roasted Garbanzo Beans

by Nancy Ancrum

Fresh garbanzo beans (All photos by Nancy Ancrum)

Fresh garbanzo beans – who knew? But there they were, Mexican-grown and nestling in light-green husks at the market at Nelson Family Farms, 875 W. Midway Rd., in Fort Pierce.

Roasted garbanzo beans


If you can find fresh beans locally – and, unfortunately, that’s a big “if” – preheat the oven to 400 degrees, spread the garbanzos still their husks on a baking sheet, drizzle on a little olive oil, maybe a sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper, toss to coat the husks lightly and roast in the oven until they start to brown.

Give them about 15 minutes or a little longer.

Let them cool a bit, then peel the beans out the husks and enjoy the green and nutty flavor within. Think edamame!



Fresh garbanzo beans in their pods (Photo by Nancy Ancrum)

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